Lichen Projects 


Lichen Projects is an independent production and science communication studio headed by Lindsay Irving in San Francisco. With over 13 years of experience, I work with cross functional teams to produce interactive data driven products and creative content for web, print, and video. I have a background in GIS and my passion is maps so many of my projects involve visualizing geospatial data and convening stakeholders around data through experiences. Some of the products I produce include, interactive maps, media for immersive displays, web, and exhibits, live events, and art installations. I enjoy working with creative agencies, regional and federal governments, non profits, and technology companies big and small. 

Lichen Projects can scope and assemble production teams from a network of specialists and technologists or can work with established teams to create unique products, campaigns, and emerging programs. I work with museums like the California Academy of Sciences, the Exploratorium, as well as creative data visualization studios like Stamen Design and GreenInfo Network. I enjoy translating scientific insights into creative products with academic institutions like Stanford University, governmental agencies like NOAA, the National Park Service, and non-profit research organizations like NatureServe and the San Francisco Estuary Institute. When I'm not wrangling my two kids, I participate in regional citizen science projects, mapping and connecting San Francisco residents to nature in the city.

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