google - be internet awesome safer internet day teaser video, 2019

Type: Stop-motion teaser video for the Be Internet Awesome adventure, released for Safer Internet Day

Client: Google

Date: January, 2019

Description: For Safer Internet Day, I worked with Google’s Be Internet Awesome program and LOMA media to produce a stop motion teaser of one of the interactive games developed for the Be Internet Awesome adventure in San Antonio, Texas (Feb 4 - 6, 2019). Filmed on location in Pittsburg in the machine shop of our creative engineering and fabrication partner, Deeplocal. I managed the pre and post production as well as execution onsite for a one day shoot. Creative concept, shot lists, schedules, review and delivery.

Google - be internet awesome safer internet day sizzle video, 2019

Type: Teaser video from Google’s Safer Internet Day celebration in San Antonio, Texas

Date: Feb 4 - 6, 2019

Client: Google

Description: On February 5th, 2019, Google's Be Internet Awesome program celebrated Safer Internet Day in San Antonio, Texas. School groups, community organizations, and families enjoyed an interactive exhibit dedicated to help kids learn about online safety and digital citizenship. I produced and managed the 3 day shoot in San Antonio with LOMA media, our agency partner. I managed pre production logistics; creative concepting and reviews with Google stakeholders, developed shot list and schedule, talent selection, travel logistics. Managed shoot schedule and execution on location, timely reviews with leads onsite, package and delivery of (photo and video) assets to Google PR and social teams and press. I developed and managed the post production schedule and review cycle through to delivery.

google - digital wellbeing videos, 2019

Type: 5 educational videos. Part of the redesign and launch of Google’s Digital Wellbeing website.

Date: May 2019

Client: Google

Description: Google’s new Digital Wellbeing website features goals, tools, and tips to help people find a balance with technology. A series of educational and inspirational videos synthesize the challenges and opportunities to find that balance through on-the-street interviews and expert advice from the leading researchers in the field. I managed Google product marketing teams and agency partner, Instrument on pre production and post production tasks of the 5 full length videos from concept to launch of the website. I also developed review schedules and managed the approval process of social media edits for post launch campaigns across multiple platforms.

walmart e-commerce - spark solutions campaign, 2018

Type: 3, stop-motion videos announcing the launch of Walmart’s redesigned e-commerce site

Date: April - May 2018

Client: Walmart e-commerce

Description: Produced stop-motion photo shoot on location for the launch of a social media campaign for the new Walmart e-commerce website. Worked across Walmart marketing and product divisions and an external creative and production studio throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. Created detailed schedules, negotiated rates, specified usage rights, and managed all production budgets. Booked all freelance vendors and talent. Planned and conducted casting calls. Worked with client and creative team to book talent.Facilitated all production meetings to synchronize the creative direction with brand and marketing goals.

stanford university and biobricks foundation - why bionet, video, 2017

"Why bionet?" 2.08 mins. Produced by Phil Ross & Lindsay Irving. Motion Graphics by Daryll Peirce, sound by HEARBy.

Type: Concept video for educational and outreach purposes

Date: March 2017

Collaborators: Biobricks Foundation, Stanford University Department of Bioengineering, Daryll Peirce (motion graphics artist and editor), sound engineering by HEARBy Sound.

Description: Produced a concept video for the Biobricks Foundation as an outreach tool describing the bionet – an open technology platform for peer-to-peer exchange of biomaterials and associated data. Presented at the 7th international meeting on Sythetic Biology and posted on the BioBricks Foundation website. I developed and managed the production schedule, budget, and supported scriptwriting and storyboarding with the client and the creative team. I managed the on-location shoot at Stanford University Dept. of Bioengineering, hired and managed film and photo crew and talent. Managed the creative team and aligned with the client throughout post production review cycles including editing, motion graphics, voice-over and sound engineering.

stanford university and biobricks foundation - The bionet, conceptual videos, 2016

Type: Three conceptual videos for the Bionet
Date: March 2016
Collaborators: Biobricks Foundation, Stanford University Department of Bioengineering, and independent motion graphics and film specialists, Daryll Peirce, Marcella Faustini & Andreas Tagger. 
Description: Three procedural videos describing the bionet – an open technology platform for peer-to-peer exchange of biomaterials and associated data. The videos employ conceptual UX/UI journeys for desktop and mobile devices to educate prospective bionet users and demonstrate how the bionet reduces transaction costs associated with sharing biological materials among researchers and institutions. The videos were created as an outreach and educational tool for the BioBricks Foundation to gather support for the bionet program.
Roles & Duties: Producer

  • Produced and managed a team of engineers, artists, and scientists.

  • Hired and managed film and editing specialists.

  • Co-managed the shoots on location and in-studio production and post-production needs.

  • Hired and managed motion graphics specialist for brand identity design and the design and execution of conceptual user journeys associated with the technology.

  • Scriptwriting, storyboarding, conceptual user-journey design. Managed the integration of graphics and animations with live action film.

  • Developed and managed the overall production schedule and budgets.

bionet conceptual Mobile user-journey

bionet conceptual desktop user-journey

 california academy of sciences - science today - valley oaks video, 2012

Type: Science Today video segment

Date: June 21, 2012

Collaborators: Chuck Striplen & Robin Grossinger (San Francisco Estuary Institute), California Academy of Sciences. 

Description: A 2:30 minute video featured on Science Today, the California Academy of Sciences’ news portal and in exhibits on the public floor.

Roles & Duties: Co-producer. Image sourcing, scriptwriting, interview scheduling and onset management. Managed integration of 3d sequence with live action video.

california academy of sciences - 3d animated sequence and video, 2009

Type: Video released in exhibits and in Science Today

Collaborators: Center for Applied Biodiversity Informatics (CABI) and the Visualization Studio at the California Academy of Sciences, Save the Redwoods League.

Date: December 2009

Description: Audience response to the redwoods and climate change programming in the Morrison Planetarium led to the production of a Science Today story featuring the work of CABI and Save the Redwoods League to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on a beloved and iconic California species. I worked with the Visualization Studio production team and Science Today staff on data visualization, treatment, storyboard and integration with live action video. (sequence occurs at 2:35) 

patagonia - Freedom to Roam video and data visualization, 2009

Type: Animation sequence and Google Earth documentary

Collaborators: (Formerly) Patagonia's Freedom to Roam Program, Center for Applied Biodiversity Informatics (CABI), California Academy of Sciences, Visuamundo, Google Earth.

Date: December 2009

Description: Freedom to Roam's Rick Ridgeway presented this documentary at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Coppenhagen.  (Sequence begins at 5:04). I managed the design and data visualization of projected suitable habitat for Canada Lynx (2060 and 2090), protected area boundaries, and habitat corridor data from original research and various sources. Packaged data and files for Patagonia’s production team.